Your cart is super easy to take care of:
We recommend that you store your cart indoors. Our products are made with 100% 600 Denier polyester. Fabric is liquid resistant to aid in cleaning. Please remove any excess dirt or debris and use a damp cloth to clean this product. Should your cart require cleaning, it can be hosed down as is on the frame. Do NOT use chemicals to clean.*Drip dry only
*Do not dry clean
*Do not iron
*Do not tumble dry
*Do not bleach
*Avoid using the cart for hot items
*Store in a dry cool place
*Items should not be used without adult supervision
*The cart is not designed for use on unlevel or rough terrain
*Do not tow the cart with a bicycle or motorised vehicle
*The cart is not designed nor safe to carry children *Umbrella is not to be used in windy conditionsBEACH CART CARE
We love that your beach days have been made so much easier with your new Cart-A-Lot carts – thanks for sharing with us. Remember:  it is IMPORTANT to hose down your cart with fresh water after beach use to preserve the quality of your powder coated steel frame.  Let the cart and fabric dry completely before stowing away.

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