Does the cart require assembly?
A. No, the cart is fully assembled. No tools required. Just unfold and enjoy!

With the Off-Road cart, why do the rear wheels slide back and forth on the rear axle?
The cart comes folded with the rear wheels pushed together in the centre of the rear axle for maximum compactness. After unfolding your cart, push the rear wheels apart until they lock onto either side of the frame—you should hear a click. Before folding the cart again after use, push the rear wheels back together in the centre of the rear axle.

Will the cart take up a lot of space when not in use?
No, the cart folds down to 79cm H x 51cm W x 19cm D and can be stored lying down, standing up or even hanging on the wall. When folded, the cart can fit into compact spaces including the boot of most cars.

Does the cart stand up on itsown in the folded position?
Yes, the handle design functions like a kick stand which enables the cart to stand on its own when folded.

Is the cart designed to carry heavy loads?
Yes. The cart will support loads up to 70kg.

Can the cart be towed behind a bicycle or motorised vehicle?
No, the cart is not designed to be towed by any other vehicle.

How do I care for my cart?
Please refer to the Care Instruction attached to your Cart. We recommend that you store your cart indoors. Your cart fabric is liquid resistant to aid in cleaning. Please remove any excess dirt or debris and use a damp cloth to clean your product. DO NOT USE CHEMICALS TO CLEAN YOUR PRODUCTS

Is the cart a toy that children can play with?
No, the cart is not designed for children to play in. Adult supervision is required when children are present.

On what sort of terrains can I use my cart?
The wide, all-terrain, rubber-tread wheels on the Off-road model allow you to pull the cart over a variety of surfaces including, but not limited to, grass, gravel, mulch, dirt, wet or dry sand, and concrete. The On-road model is perfect for concrete, grass and paved surfaces.

Will the cart wheels hit my heels when I pull it?
The high attachment point of the handle on the frame helps to prevent heel strike when pulling.

Is the cart easy to maneuver?
Yes, the 360-degree front swivel wheels make turning and maneuvering easy.

Can I return my Cart for a refund if I change my mind?

No, we do not accept returns if you change your mind.

If I have more questions about my cart, is there a number I can call?
A. Yes, the customer service team at Cart-A-Lot are always happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Please email us at

Information provided by Cart-A-Lot.


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