Hello Friends

We are a South Australian family who were on a holiday overseas for Christmas 2014 with our three children. We were casually enjoying a restaurant dinner, when our ‘wow’ moment occurred. We were sitting at a table near a mother with her three busy children, and as they were getting ready to leave, we noticed the Mum reached under the table and pulled out what looked like a folded stroller.
Intrigued, we watched her un-fold it with one easy action, load it up and leave the restaurant with her children and her belongings all simply in tow. It was a folding cart; we had never seen anything like this before.
We liked it!!!!
Being busy parents ourselves, we immediately knew that we needed to have one of these folding carts for our own sporting activities, beach days, market shopping, gardening, festivals and camping, the uses were endless.

We bought it!!!!
We searched and researched, found this overseas version, bought it and lugged it back to Australia. Our family and friends were as excited as us. We could not believe that a folding cart did not exist in Australia!! It was a no brainer; Australia NEEDED these carts.

We made it!!!
After months and months of more research, we tweaked, improved, altered, transformed and ultimately manufactured AUSTRALIA‘S FIRST FOLDABLE CART TM. We designed and developed a unique range of accessories to compliment the Cart use, and in August 2015, with a great leap of faith, the first, original, best quality and environmentally safe foldable cart by Cart-A-Lot was launched.

Australia has fallen in love with Cart-A-Lot, beyond our expectations. We have recently sold into New Zealand via Bunnings NZ with NEW ZEALAND’S FIRST FOLDABLE CART TM

Cart-a lot cart uses are endless – beach days, camping, festivals, shopping, fishing, sports, schools, picnics, gardening, equestrian and and and and …… the uses are endless!!

We have an exciting 2017 business plan with the dream for all Aussie’s to share in the new way to enjoy a healthier, more convenient, easier way of life… just as we have.

Anthony Keain/ Cart-A-Lot Owner and Co-Founder
Rebecca Keain/Cart-a-lot Co-Founder